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How to Subscribe to the Mount Vernon Voice

The Mount Vernon Voice is not a free newspaper. While promotional copies may be available from time to time, the only way to get the paper regularly is to subscribe. For only 50 cents per week, you can get the Mount Vernon Voice delivered to your home so you don't miss out on all the news in Mount Vernon, Lee, and Old Town Alexandria.

For an annual subscription:

$25.00 for carrier delivery, or
$25.00 for e-mail delivery of a PDF file, or
$75.00 for first-class mail delivery

Send your check to:

Mount Vernon Voice
P.O. Box 15572
Alexandria, VA 22309

Home delivery customers will receive their e-mails on Wednesday or their paper copies on either Wednesday or Thursday.

Current paper copy subscribers:

Would you prefer to receive the PDF instead of your paper copy? Send us an e-mail and let us know. Be sure to include your name and current subscription address.


If your internet provider is dialup or a slower speed of DSL, be aware that the file size of the PDF is about 5 megabytes and will take a long time to download. If you have one of these internet providers, check the size of e-mail attachments they allow. If it's less than 5 megabytes, your Voice will not download.

Want to see how the Voice looks in PDF or test the download? Download or view a previous issue of the Voice here.

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